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Setting up thumbs grabber

Trade Pulse has built in thumbs grabber. This feature is used to grab best thumbs from your traders so you can use them in your toplists. This method gets MUCH HIGHER CTR on toplistsí links and your productivity grows a lot!

To setup thumbs grabber all you need to do is insert thumbs dimension in Add new crop set table and thumbs will be spidered and saved on your site in a couple of minutes. You can manually set grab thumbs to run within a next minute using GRAB NOW button. Feel free to adjust other settings for thumbs grabber as you want them.

Creating toplist's

In Trade Pulse you can create unlimited amount of toplists. Simply define toplist template file name or input it by form and save as template. Directory where toplists are MUST have permission 777 or you manually need to create source and target file and set permissions 666 on it.

Toplist Tags

%%IN#%% - Number of incoming hits
%%OUT#%% - Number of outgoing hits
%%CLICKS#%% - Number of generated clicks
%%NAME#%% - Site name
%%DESCRIPTION#%% - Site description
%%DOMAIN#%% - Domain name
%%URL#%% - Site URL
%%BANNER_SRC#%% - Banner URL
%%DATE%% - Toplist's creating date

***Replace '#' with number 1,2,3,4,5...n

Thumb Toplist Sample

Input: <a href="%%URL1%%"><img src="%%THUMB1-2-3%%" /></a>
Output: Thumbnail 3 from trade no.1 with dimensions set in crop set(group) 2