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Incoming Traffic Trackers

There are 2 ways to count incoming traffic with TradePulse script:

First way (recommended):

Include this code in your .shtml files:

...or include this code in your .php files


In case that ssi_in.php is included inside php function(mostly on tube and blog systems) you MUST include this right after start of <body> (it's needed to start cron):

Second way:

Create a file ".htaccess" (or modify it if it's already present) and add this code to the new line:

This file should be in the root directory of your site.

What is the difference between first and second way?

1) First way (with ssi_in.php) works faster for your surfers.
2) Second way (.htaccess + in.php) allows you to show different pages for non-unique visitors and show different pages for each of your trades.

Authors of this script will be thankful to you if you can place this code at the very bottom of your site: