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Anti Cheat

TradePulse has active and passive anti cheat system.

Active anti cheat system is a possibility of redirecting suspicious traffic to a custom URL, fast clicks can be screened, you can accept only X first clicks. Traders with consoles, iframes and other unwanted codes can be blocked.

1) Most primitive way

Set anywhere on your main page invisible link like this:

Real visitors can't click on this link because it's invisible on the page. But stupid hitbots can :) In future, you might see who clicked on this link, in the 'Link stats'.

2) Bot's detection using img.php

Insert this code anywhere on your main page:

Real people will load this invisible image but MANY bots won't. The traffic who didn't load this 'image' will be treated as 'noimg' traffic. With this type of traffic you can do anything you want (for example send only to galleries). Check Settings -> Out for more details.

Very important notice: If you turned on Use 'no img' traffic filtration in the 'Out settings', but forgot to insert the code with /tp/img.php on your main page - all your traffic will become 'noimg' and will be treated according to settings for 'noimg' traffic!

3) Most advanced way - Dynamic javascript - included by default with tp/ssi_in.php, if you use .htaccess incoming tracker please include this on your pages:

Most advanced way is auto included with incoming traffic tracker so you don't need to manually add it.

Real people with real browser will parse dynamic javascript source and will get dynamic cookie. Bots can't parse this script, because it's not static. So, everybody who can't parse this code and don't have it's cookie will be treated as 'filtered' traffic. Again, with this type of traffic you can do anything you want(for example: send only to galleries). Check Settings -> Out for more details.

Threat Column in Index Stats

We mixed all of our strong anti-cheat detection systems and we show it in column called THREAT in index stats. This number in ideal world would be 0 but it's never 0. Basically bigger number it is -> we detected more no img, no javascript and other NO something's in traffic. For this number to work best make sure that img.php is inserted into your pages within body area.

When U look at this number look at site averages, so never look at fixed number but compare it to other trades. For example if average THREAT on your trades is 30 and one trade has threat of 90 then that trade is FISHY - keep in mind it can be also result of that trade has cheating trades and hence it's traffic pool is poisoned. So remember, always analyze compared to AVERAGES and it's best to speak with webmaster prior to deleting it.

Modify Algo With TP Anti-Cheat in OUT SETIINGS

This function will modify algo points(outlist) with (100-Threat number). This is handy feature for SOME webmasters but on majority of sites it will cause traffic downfall! So please don't use it if U are not 100% sure it's feature U know HOW to use and WHAT it does! Idea behind this feature is that if your trades are already VERY CLEAN and threat levels are very low like 1-10% on average that U simply get even better traffic using it! In practice there is VERY SMALL NUMBER OF SITES LIKE THIS and it's not recommended to use it on any sites which don't have EXTRA CLEAN traffic pool!