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Server Overload Protection

TradePulse is not using cron at all. Every time incoming tracking script is called, TradePulse checks if 1 minute has passed till last rebuild - if more then 1 minute passed c.php (rebuild module) is started. Everything is ok if there are couple of copies of script running on the same server, but what if 50 copies of script are working on the server at the same time? There is always a possibility that this 50 sites will start c.php at the same time and the server can get overloaded because there is tons of data to analyze in 1 minute and all processes start at the same time without delay.

We created Server Overload Protection so YOU can set maximum amount of crons which can start at the same time to avoid big server load or better said - to balance server loads.

If SOP system is activated, cron should be equally starting a temp file which will be checking to see if there is "room" for one more cron to start. SOP system will not allow more then MAX number of cron threads to start. For example: If U setup in Tools->Overload Protection that only 3 crons can start at once, 4th cron will not start till SOP allows him to start. End result is no losses for statistics and main advantage is server protection/load balancing.

Clicking on button SHOW THREADS in Tools->Overload Protection you can see details about working crons.