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Outgoing Links

Parameters for /tp/out.php

p = [%] – content percentage (for example /tp/out.php?p=60).
It is used only together with the parameter url or c. p parameter has the greater priority than the scheme of a trade set in the trader’s settings.

url = [URL] - URL of a content (gallery, sponsor ad, link) the visitor should be sent to
For example: /tp/out.php?p=60&url= - with 60% probability the visitor is sent to .If parameter p is not specified in the link, the probability of going to the specified URL is taken from the trade scheme

c = [content_file_name] – The visitor is sent to random URL from the content file (the name of the file is indicated WITHOUT extension .dat).
For example /tp/out.php?c=archive - the visitor will be sent to the random URL from the file archive.dat

s = [scheme_num] - skim scheme of the trade (for example /tp/out.php?s=2).
If the parameter s is missing, the scheme of the trade set for the specifical trade or for the traffic type is used. If the parameter s is used it has the greater priority than skim scheme of the trade (specified in trader’s settings). If the parameter p is set, the parameter s is ignored (parameter p has the greater priority). More about skim schemes here…

fc =1
- send first click to content.

link = [link_name]
- a link label for the stats in the admin area.
For example: /tp/out.php?p=60&link=archive

to = [domain_name]
- it is used to send the visitor to the specified trade (it's mostly used in toplist's).
For example /tp/out.php? If the trade has the trade type set as Disabled or Auto stopped, then OUT through the parameter  is redirected to other trade. If the trade specified doesn't exist - the parameter to is ignored.

for = [domain_name] & url = [custom_trade_url] - it is used to send the visitor to the custom url on trade's domain and count it as click to trade.
For example /tp/out.php?

g = [group_name]
- it is used to trade by groups.
For example /tp/out.php?g=group1 - the visitor is be sent to trades from group "group1". If all trades in the specified  group have been visited, surfer will be sent to trades from other groups.
If non-existing group is specified - the parameter g is ignored.

gp = [group_skim]
- it is used to skim groups.
For example /to/out.php?g=group1&gp=80 which means: send 80% of clicks to selected group and the rest 20% send to all other groups


***URL parameter must always be at the END(last parameter). Everything after it will be ignored!