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Pulse Trades

Pulse Trades is system invented so webmasters who use Trade Pulse can easily setup trades between each other in just couple clicks. U can access it by clicking on Network/Pulse Trades where U will see "directory" of all sites in PulseTrades system.

How to add your site to Pulse Trades:

You can add your sites to Pulse Trades by clicking on Network/Manage and activating checkboxes. U can sync over Pulse Trades setting thru network if you have many sites also in this place!

Keep in mind that changes U make are not INSTANT, it takes time till our spider visits your site and grabs info from your site to add it or remove it from Pulse Trades system!

A Couple Of Tips:

Pulse Trades will check your settings under Settings/New trades and if your site is disabled to accept new trades you will get trade requests only from BUDDIES.

Buddies system is invented so U can add someone to your buddy list and if he accepts it you can auto signup and be auto approved on his sites and vice versa, it's intended for trades with webmasters U KNOW.

Cheat, ranking and reputation system is invented and relies on YOUR HONESTY and HONEST of other webmasters so please don't try to abuse it there is NO POINT IN THAT except that we will need to disable those features and we loose all and gain NOTHING.