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Basic Setup

General Settings

Settings -> General
Define your general settings here and save them.

New Trades Settings

Settings -> New Trades
Define settings for your new trades here.

Trade Rules

Settings -> Trade Rules
Define your trade rules or you can also use default rules. Rules will be shown on your trade signup page.

Incoming Traffic Tracking

Setup incoming traffic tracking script so TradePulse can start counting traffic and executing crons. More info here.

Outgoing Links

Outgoing links are explained in detail here. My suggestion is to use SKIM SCHEMES and not hardcoded values in rotator. Using skim schemes you can define diferent percentages for different traffic types(from different trades). Read more about skim schemes here.


Tools -> Toplists
You need to setup toplists before you start your site. With TradePulse you can even use best thumbs from trades in toplists so you can get those toplists' links to have huge CTR! Read more about toplists here.

Add Trades

In TradePulse you can manually add trade by trade, using Add Trade option, you can Bulk Add trades or simply use Bulk Import feature inside Bulk Add to mass import trades from your old trade script. If your old trade script is not supported with our trades importer you can simply create toplist in your old script as a file where each line is one trade; trade data is separated with "|" sign. Using such toplist you can easily copy/paste it into Bulk Add box and mass import your trades!

Optional Tools/Settings

Traffic Quality
Traffic quality is shown in main stats as 3 bars (green, white and red). Adjust traffic weights here as you like them, to gain max sales from your traffic. More info here.

Out Settings
U can tweak different modifiers, filtering traffic and similar things in Settings->Out. Feel free to experiment with it but do it slowly so you don't kill your traffic because of bad settings there!

In network section you can add other installations of TradePulse so you can have all things organized. You can also see stats, sync blacklist and other stuff in here! Easily switch between sites you currently view by using drop down menu in top-right corner of the site.